The Voice 2020 : Marc Lavoine upset, Lara Fabian charmed by a talent...

Saturday, 25 January, TF1 broadcast a new episode of The Voice. After a first evening of explosive, the four coaches were back for a second premium devoted to the hearings to the blind. Lara Fabian, Amel Bent, Marc Lavoine and Pascal Obispo again chamaillés to recruit the best talent in their teams. Between benefits which are unexpected, moving and powerful, the evening was rich in emotions.

If you missed this show, the rest of this article is made for you !

Summary of January 25, 2020.


Jonathan, 25 years old, a native of the island of the Meeting, hoped that France craquera for his talents as a singer. A passion that is away to make it live as he was poised to take back the agricultural land from his father. Before being contacted by the producers of The Voice, he had even undertaken to follow a CFA Farm. But he always knew that a greater purpose was offered to him. That is why he left his native island to join the mainland and fully live his dream.

Once on stage, Jonathan is surprising from the first note. His voice, which hides several stamps, is also equipped with a small-grain broken entrancing. The coaches are seduced unanimously. The young man received a standing ovation from the audience. “It is amazing the number of votes that thou hast explored“, underlines, in particular, Lara Fabian. After the compliments of the professionals, now is the time for decision.

Jonathan joined the team of Pascal Obispo.


Anthony, 24, is studying to become a primary school teacher, but what he wants to do in reality, it is the music. The young man started at a young age, at 6 years old. But it is a drama in his life that convinced him to persevere. Her older sister Emmanuelle has died in a road accident when Anthony was only 13 years old. A difficult period for him that is long lost. Purpose on the advice of his father, he took the guitar from his sister and began to sing, ” he says, excited, prior to the hearing. “It is for her that I sing.“, By choosing this piece of Christophe Maé, he says : “This song, it is mine. My big sister, when she left, she left us all in distress, a goal that she left me something to me, it is his music. And tonight, this song, it is for her.

More than a song, it is a true cry of the heart for Anthony. With his famous guitar, he comes on stage, ready to deliver. His service is marked by a lot of power and emotion. The four coaches are packaged in the face of the young man, who has trouble believing. Marc Lavoine seems to be the most affected, even before they know sti history. “What is it that motivates you at this point, what is it that you exceed at this point for you to tell me ‘returns to you, look at me’ ?“, “Because I need…“, say Anthony in tears. And further : “It is this that allows me, not to forget, but to dream a little.“, A sequence unforgettable.

Anthony joined the team of Marc Lavoine.


Born in London, england aim is scottish in origin, Terrence lived in France for twenty-five years. He loves the music viscerally. “It’s my life“, says he. It even becomes the author-composer at the age of 11 years, receiving a piano for Christmas. He writes every day, and sings in every breath. While he tries to live his music since the age of 18 years, the competition The Voice is as his last chance to break through.

After attempt beginnings, Terrence arrived to give them voice and to find his rhythm. However, its delivery does not seem to convince the coaches lack of a thrill. Amel Bent nevertheless decides to open for him the doors of the competition to the great relief of the young man. “I can’t let you pass, you have too much was the voice of gold“, he let go of the singer. For Lara Fabian, Terrence will, represents his “biggest regret of the competition“. And for good reason, she was totally charmed by his physical advantage. “It is in these moments that you regret that it is blind, what“, she says before getting carted away by Pascal Obispo and Marc Lavoine. “You’re jealous, retort Lara Fabian. They make me go for the girl with the drag… I could be his mother !

Terrence joined the team of Amel Bent.


Sheyen, 19 years old, lives in the Lorraine region. In life, she is a musician and singer. Passionate about her country, she bathed in it since childhood. At 17, she quit school with the support of his father, also a musician. She wants to prove to him today that she can succeed.

And it is with a crazy energy that Sheyen arrives on the scene wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy all new and fresh to the feet. The young woman sets the tone from the first note, and thus reveals a powerful voice and incredible technique. The bet to sing in the country is successful, she gets Lara Fabian and Amel Bent in the pocket.

Sheyen joined the team of Lara Fabian.


Veroushka, 23 years old and originally from Cameroon, began singing at the age of 5 years with the dream of becoming an artist. In a first time, her parents prefer that she focus on her studies, especially her father who didn’t want a child star. Purpose of hearing his daughter sing, he finally gave his blessing. Unfortunately, the latter will never have the opportunity to see her give the speech on stage. He died of a STROKE a year ago, says the young woman. Thus, it is in his honour that she intends to give everything.

And the voice, this is not what was missing from Veroushka ! The candidate is incredible on stage and delivers year exceptional show. In addition to the power of his voice serious, she took the stage with an attitude, ultra rock’n’roll. Without a doubt, one of the most intense moments in the history of The Voice. Pascal Obispo blocks entry Amel Bent. This is the good war, as it had done the same against him in the past week. Only remains, therefore, to choose between the interpreter of Vintage and Marc Lavoine. “I have so dreamed of to see you and now I’m in front of the four of you“, she said, moved to tears before making his choice.

Veroushka joined the team of Pascal Obispo.


Just 20 years old, Louise is already a musician without peer. Whether at the piano or the guitar, her technique is impeccable. However, this is no instrument that the pretty brunette comes on stage with the ambitious title and a bold and Benjamin Biolay.

Its performance upsets Marc Lavoine. So much so that the singer can barely hold back his tears. “Do not let yourself be corrupt. Rest as you are“advised him he simply. A beautiful gift for Louise, who hoped secretly to join his team. It is now a done thing !

Louise joined the team of Marc Lavoine.


Emmanuel, 30 years old, comes from Marseille. He has never done anything in music, he is a drama teacher and comedian, has a comedy troupe in Marseilles. While he was not expecting it, he wins a contest, which had by chance entered his girlfriend. In the audience was the casting director of The Voice. It is, therefore, ready for the competition The Voice, without much experience, but with a lot of desire.

His delivery makes crazy Lara Fabian, who is the only one to return. She does not hesitate to point it out to them what they missed : “You have slept in the gas or what ?” But no matter for Emmanuel, which is on a small cloud. “Me singing usually under my duvet, I find myself The Voice with Lara Fabian, it is magnificent !”, loose-t-it.

Emmanuel joined the team of Lara Fabian.


Jimmy comes close this second night blind auditions the best of ways. It has crossed 22 000 kilometres to participate in the contest, since it comes straight from New Caledonia. With her cover of the song cult of James Brown, it is presented as a real phenomenon.

Box full for Jimmy as he has been the unanimous support from all the coaches. “It flew very, very high with you this evening. You have managed to take us, to hook us with you up there“, writes Lara Fabian who pointed out in passing the tremendous strength of her voice. “One of the benefits of the more crazy since the beginning“, according to Amel Bent. Same sound of bell on the side of the boys who qualify for this benefit of “magic” and “vibrant“. The choice was therefore difficult for the likeable Jimmy.

Jimmy joined the team of Lara Fabian.


Pascal Obispo : Josephine (aka Baby J), Veroushka and Jonathan

Marc Lavoine : Michael, Anthony, Louise and Anthony

Amel Bent : Alexia, Toni, and Terrence

Lara Fabian : Sam, Maria, Roman, Jimmy, Sheyen, and Emmanuel