The Voice 2020 – Maria Doyle, singer blind : “My father knows that I exist”

It is left for the ninth season of The Voice ! This Saturday, the first auditions to the blind will begin as soon 21h on TF1. The new quartet of coaches consisting of Marc Lavoine, Pascal Obispo, Lara Fabian and Amel Bent is ready for everyone tries to attract the best talent in his team. If one already knows that a couple is to risk feeling on the stage, another candidate who already has the rating of : Maria Doyle. Mother of seven children, she is irish and lives in Lorraine for many years. Stis uniqueness ? She is blind since the age of 9 years. A disability occurring suddenly and that does not prevent him to follow his dreams. On the contrary, the music has allowed him to overtake him : so talented, she has the same finish sixth at the Eurovision song contest in 1985.

Our colleagues from Paris have gone to his meeting. The opportunity to learn more about sti history. “I was sent to an institute for the blind, Dublin. For us, at this time, life was all mapped out : to become a telephone operator, not to have children. Me, my dream was to be a singer. So I took my life in their hands, and at the age of 9, I ran away“, she says. Back home, she will get the support of his mother, which will teach him how to “educate his blind to look for anything to appear“. After several attempts to break through, Maria ends up taking a break from her career to focus on her family life with her husband French. But the music is never very far away and, failing to learn to read to his children, aged 13 to 27 years, she passes on her passion. These are all today’s musicians. Moreover, they are accompanied on stage during the recordings a few weeks ago. And this Saturday, it is still a family they will live again this time in front of their screen. “My children are going to describe second by second what’s happening. On the stage of The Voice, I was like in a bubble… I want that this service remains forever etched in their soul, “says Maria. Bet certainly successful, as on the title Oh Dany Boy, Maria has caused a lot of emotion on the board.

In addition to hope to integrate the competition, and maybe win it, Maria Doyle would like to see his story inspires other people in her box. “A blind person can do more than you can imagine, the limits are there where we lay. My handicap has adapted to me. I would like to say to the public that everything is possible“, she explains. In addition, the singer, who has already participated in the version in irish of The Voice in 2016, would also like to type in a person’s eye in particular : “I did all of this because since small, my father does not know that I exist. He lives in Spain somewhere. I dream that this media exposure has allowed me to find it. I’m going to give back.” Remains to be seen whether stis passage will be sufficiently convincing in the eyes of the coaches… Answer this evening !

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