The White House has “violated” the law by freezing funds for Ukraine

WASHINGTON | The White House “violated” us law by suspending military assistance for the Ukraine, ruled Thursday that an independent body of control of the government, relating to the question at the heart of the procedure of impeachment against Donald Trump.

The damning report is published on the same day of the swearing in of the senators, a prelude to the trial of the impeachment of the american president to the Congress.

Donald Trump will have to answer to two charges: abuse of power and obstructing the work of Congress.

He is accusé of having exerted pressure to persuade Ukraine to open an investigation on Joe Biden, her potential rival in the November presidential election.

These pressures would include past, according to the democrats, by the suspension this summer has aid to Ukraine in an armed conflict with Russia, which had been authorized by Congress, with authority over this type of expenditure.

However, an audit body american public (the Government Accountability Office, GAO), similar to the Court of accounts in France, concluded Thursday that the services in charge of budget issues at the White House had “violated the law by retaining approximately $ 214 million allocated to the department of Defense for military assistance for Ukraine”.

“The president has a power to narrow and limited to suspending” of the funds assigned by Congress, says the GAO in a press release.

The budget office of the White House (OMB), “have indicated to the GAO that they had retained the funds to ensure that they were not spent in a way that might conflict with the foreign policy of the president” Donald Trump, ” continued the auditor.

“The law does not allow the OMB to withhold funding to policy issues,” he concludes.

Donald Trump and his republican allies argue that he has not exercised any pressure, citing as evidence the fact that a large part of the military aid had finally been unlocked.

The democrats respond that the funds have been released once the box was starting to make noise behind the scenes, and after that a number of legislators, including republicans, are worried the gel of this envelope that they felt were important to support Kiev in the face of Moscow.