Timbaland combat his addiction to painkillers and lost 60 pounds

It is one of the best producers of rap in the world and has totally messed up the music since the mid 90’s. Today 47 years of age, Timbaland, who has composed for Missy Elliott, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Beyoncé , or Madonna, has put his demons behind him and displayed a new refined silhouette.

Timbaland has had a long and slow descent to the underworld linked to the poor hygiene of life and an addiction to painkillers. “He took me to shakes, because I ended up not appreciate some things, “he says to the american edition of Men’s Health. All my life I’ve had this feeling that everything was a little too easy.”

Ill-being is a combination of several events. In 2011, he has been prescribed painkillers for pain to the teeth, but falls in addiction to OxyContin [a us drug that often leads to addiction, editor’s NOTE]. Add to this the divorce from Monique Mosley and the tax that falls on him from above : producer lost foot. “It [OxyContin] in the past has allowed me to put myself in a situation where I had this feeling that I was above it all, to be free. I was traveling, I was doing shows, I éclatais, I spent a good time, by simply ignoring the rest.”

“I had this dream where I felt that death was near. I saw myself with a pale face”, says Timbaland. And the alarm clock is brutal : It is like a ray of light that will passes through the brain… And you realize what is the true love. It was between God and me. It is the way that I had been chosen. God was in the process of rebuilding my personality.”

The next day, he takes in hand, he now weighs 159 kilos. His girlfriend Michelle Dennis leads him into the center Punch Elite Fitness in Miami. “This is one of the tricks of the difficulties that I’ve had to endure. The only things that have helped me to keep, this are my children, my girlfriend and the help of God to keep the spirit alive.” David Alexander, the owner of the centre, personally takes care of him and teaches crossfit, boxing and bodybuilding. It adopts a diet based on chicken, salmon and vegetables.

Today, the magnate of rap weighs about 90 kilograms, and displays a loss of about 60 pounds on the scale. He is the father of three children : two boys, Franckie and Demetrius, and a daughter, Reign.

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