Tragedy in the air: Not of mortal remains repatriated to the time

OTTAWA | None of the mortal remains of the 57 Canadians who perished aboard the flight PS752, in Iran, has been repatriated to Canada.

This is what was stated by Omar Alghabra, parliamentary secretary to prime minister Trudeau, on Wednesday at a press conference alongside the minister of Transport Marc Garneau.

“The sense of urgency to help families to repatriate their loved ones is great,” assured one who has been case the exercise to interact directly with the families of the victims.

He added that the efforts were concentrated, at the present time, in the identification of the body. Mr. Alghabra has also announced that the fee for any visa application would be waived for those affected by the tragedy.

Several media report that it may be difficult to bring back the remains on canadian soil since the iranian authorities do not recognize dual nationality.

The minister Garneau, however, has indicated that there is no information suggesting that Tehran is showing signs of resistance.

Two investigators from the Office of the transportation safety board (TSB) sent to Tehran were allowed access to the crash site. They will be able to examine the housing of the device in the next few hours, ” said Mr. Garneau.

A second team of TSB investigator must also be deployed in Iran to participate in the downloading and analysis of the black boxes of the flight PS752.

The possibility that Iran had shot down the Boeing 737 of Ukrainian International Airline in the middle of two missiles, rather than one, has been mentioned.

A new video aired Tuesday by the “New York Times” door actually to believe that two missiles were fired on the aircraft.

Tehran has admitted to having shot and killed “involuntarily,” the flight PS752, last Saturday, aim had spoken only of a single missile.

Called to say if the fact that there could be two missiles involved makes the lead in the wing of the assumption of a shooting accident, Mr. Garneau did not want to come forward.

“It is not yet known. It is are questions that have not yet been answered, and on which it leans. We want to get to the bottom of things,” he said.