Trial Harvey Weinstein: Gigi Hadid will not be part of the jury

The top model Gigi Hadid will not be part of the jury in the trial for sexual abuse of film producer Harvey Weinstein: it has been dismissed Thursday, according to the american media.

Drawn from lists of citizens, the model of 24 years has arrived in the State court in Manhattan shortly before 9: 00 AM (14H00 GMT), expected by a crowd of cameras.

Purpose she went quietly about ten minutes later, according to police, while the cameras were busy awaiting the arrival of Mr. Weinstein.

According to the american media, the defense and the prosecution agreed not to keep the star of the podiums among the jurors of this trial ultra-high profile, iconic of the movement #MeToo.

The lawyers, contacted, did not immediately confirm this information.

On Monday, during the phase of pre-selection of jurors, Gigi Hadid had assured the judge that she could be impartial in this folder. She had even admitted to having met with the producers and other key figures likely to be mentioned during the trial, such as Salma Hayek, who has accusé Mr. Weinstein of sexual harassment.

Procès Harvey Weinstein: Gigi Hadid ne fera pas partie du jury

“I believe I can still keep an open mind on the facts “, she had said.

Harvey Weinstein, 67, a former all-powerful Hollywood producer, has been accusé of sexual harassment gold assault by more than 80 women, including celebrities such as Ashley Judd, Gwyneth Paltrow and Lea Seydoux.

But it will be held in New York on two charges, rape and sexual assault, most other facts are prescribed.

The media coverage of this case makes jury selection difficult: some 750 potential jurors have been summoned during the pre-selection phase, and nearly 200 have been chosen for the selection itself, which starts Thursday.

Defense and prosecution are expected to submit potential jurors to more detailed questions, to try each one to detect the people most likely to go in their direction.

Twelve jurors and six alternates will be selected in the end.

The argument for opening must be held on the 22nd of January, and the trial is expected to last until march 6.