Trump and the islamic State allies against Iran

The islamic State (EI) has welcomed the death of the general iranian Qassem Soleimani, its main enemy after the United States. In a press release, Daesh assigns the execution of the general divine intervention.

Sites jihadists have declared that the two main opponents of the AES were now busy fighting amongst themselves, draining their energy and resources so far used against Daesh.

It will enable the EI to recover from its near-extinction in the wake of the crash of his caliphate. Daesh is still active in areas that overlap the border iraq-syria, the amount of ambushes and extracting funds.

The decision to Trump to kill Soleimani has immediately forced the international coalition led by the United States to suspend stis operations in Iraq against Daesh to adopt a defensive posture. The american forces, Canada and the members of NATO train and advise iraqi forces fighting the EI.

The shia militias and pro-iranian have also vowed revenge against the United States. Their leader, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, has been sprayed alongside Soleimani by missiles fired by a drone is american. What are the shia militias and the forces of the kurds, not the United States, which led most of the fighting against the ir based on the logistical support and air forces of the united states. They return to the starting point. They resume their struggle against the american occupation commenced after the invasion of 2003. These militias are now part of the iraqi armed forces under the designation of units of popular mobilization.

Before the death of Soleimani, the shia militias had already begun to target Americans. But the assertion that Soleimani and Tehran are responsible for the deaths of “hundreds of Americans” in Iraq, repeated by all the politicians and the american media, is a lie. Almost all of the attacks against american forces between the 2003 invasion and their partial withdrawal from Iraq in 2011 came from baathists, sunni, and other groups that anti-iranian.

To try To justify, the United States has also accusé Iran of supplying to iraqi arms who has version deadliest of “improvised explosive devices” used against the convoys and patrols to american. These devices have killed probably hundreds of american soldiers and allies. And then? In the 80’s, the United States helped Saddam Hussein with intelligence and weapons, even biological weapons, in its war against Iran that killed hundreds of thousands of Iranians.

There must be an effrontery indecent for Americans to assert that Iran did not interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq: the United States invaded and occupied the country, and continuing to station thousands of soldiers, almost seventeen years later. Moreover, the iraqi Parliament recently adopted a motion requesting year, an immediate withdrawal of american forces in the country.

The drama currently plaguing the Middle East is the direct consequence of the decision to Trump to unilaterally withdraw from the agreement on the iranian nuclear in 2018. Iran has certainly contributed to the suffering of the iraqi people, but it is without common measure with the ravages inflicted on this country by the United States.