Trump portrayed his opponents-democrats as the allies of the iranian regime

Donald Trump lashed out Monday at his opponents, the democrats, the taxing of complacency with regard to the iranian regime and sharing on Twitter a photomontage of two leaders of the opposition capped with a turban and a chador.

On this photomontage, published by a user, and retweeted Monday morning by the american president to its over 70 million subscribers, Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of representatives, wearing a chador blue, a veil covering her head and shoulders.

Chuck Schumer, leader of the minority democrat in the Senate, it wears out a turban, recalling in particular that of the iranian president Hassan Rohani.

With the flag of the iranian background and the words “Democrats 2020” at the bottom of the photo, the mount is intended to denounce year alleged support of the american opposition to the islamic regime.

The democrats, Nancy Pelosi in the lead, had criticized the elimination of the January 3, on the order of Donald Trump, the powerful general of the iranian Qassem Soleimani, which had resulted in a replica of iran and fears of an open conflict between the two countries.

The House of representatives, controlled by democrats, had passed a resolution to rein in the military action of Mr. Trump against Tehran.

The billionaire has insured that a threat is “imminent” justified to kill the general iranian.

After you have retweeted the photo dummy, he’s again taken to the opposition, without hiding his annoyance.

“The democrats and the (media) Fake News are trying to make the terrorist Soleimani a wonderful guy, only because I have done what should have been done in the past 20 years,” writes the ex-business man in new york city.

“Everything I do, whether it is the economy, the army, or otherwise, will be disparaged by the radical left, the democrats, who do nothing “.

The us president has multiplied these last few days the tweets on the Iran –in English and farsi– ensuring the population for its support and urging the regime ” not to kill (his) protesters “.

The wave of indignation is strong in the country since the plan was acknowledged to have shot down “by error” a civilian aircraft carrying many iranians.