Trump tries to take advantage of the protest in Iran

Tweets presidential farsi, support for the protesters and warnings to Tehran: the United States of Donald Trump trying to push their advantage to the favor of the new protests in Iran’s purpose, in the absence of clear strategy, may feed the suspicions of a desire for regime change.

There is only one week, the Iranians paraded the cry of ” death to America “, which had just killed the mighty general Qassem Soleimani.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

But as soon as Tehran has acknowledged on Saturday that he had shot down by mistake a year airliner in Ukrainian, in the wake of its military response against targets in the united states, protesters took to the streets in anger against the authorities and their initial attempt to deny any liability in the crash, which was 176 people dead, including many Iranians.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

“The trend has again turned against the rulers in iran “, says Ali Vaez, of the conflict prevention organization International Crisis Group. “And of course, the administration Trump tries to put the oil on their fire to take advantage of the situation,” he told AFP.

The us officials, president, have multiplied the interventions on social networks, with a double message: support for the protesters, and warnings to the leaders of the islamic Republic against any repression.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

The billionaire republican has even sent out several tweets in farsi, then presented by his entourage as the message in Persian ” the most beloved of the history of Twitter “. “Your courage inspired us “, he launched ” the brave iranian people “.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

“Projector” on the protesters

Other u. s. diplomats turns videos supposed to show protesters the iranian tearing off posters of Soleimani, gold refusing to trample the flag of the United States.

“We wanted to make sure to shine the biggest spotlight on the protesters “in order” that the system know that we observe what is happening, ” says a State department official.

It is, she says, a “preventive measure” to try to prevent a repeat scenario of the events of November in Iran against the rising price of fuel, of which the repression has killed more than 300, according to the organization Amnesty International, 1500 gold according to american officials.

For Richard Goldberg, an expert at the think tank Foundation for Defense of Democracies after having advised Donald Trump on Iran, ” the tweet from the president, it is malignant, it increases the pressure on the system at the time where it is more unstable than ever “.

Because the White House, persuaded her to go out of the most recent escalation in a position of strength, hoping to drive the point home, and convince the allies of the United States to put the pressure on Tehran.

Purpose for what?

Richard Goldberg is a reminder of the AFP that the billionaire republican has always denied to want to encourage “regime change” in Tehran. “It would be britainsinhumane to turn our backs on the protesters. This is not a strategy of regime change, it is a policy of humanity, ” he says.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

Donald Trump himself has, however, maintained a certain degree of confusion. He took down his closest advisers who advocated for the official purposes of the “campaign of maximum pressure,” conducted by Washington: to bend iranian leaders to negotiate a comprehensive agreement on their nuclear program and missile, and on their posture in the Middle East.

“In fact, I don’t care well they negotiate or not,” he swept.

“Aggression” and “punishment”

However, some, in the republican, have never concealed their hope of falling the system born of the 1979 islamic revolution, like the ex-presidential adviser John Bolton, ” the regime change is in the air “, he rejoiced in these last days.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

“After the repression of the vast protest movement of the winter of 2017-2018 and of the fall of 2019, there is a hope growing in Washington that the third time will be the good,” said Mark Fitzpatrick of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.

It is for this reason, he said, that “president Trump tries to push protesters” and ” take advantage of the faux pas of Tehran “.

Trump tente de tirer profit de la contestation en Iran

And to Ali Vaez, ” this type of message reinforces the belief of those in Iran who have always deemed it unnecessary to negotiate with the United States, because they are not reliable and, in the end, only want to bring down the regime “.

The researcher also places on guard against the temptation to believe that the protesters can be acquired to the cause of Washington, highlighting the “anger” continuing in Iran against us sanctions, which have been literally shut down the economy.

“The Iranians, he says, are caught between what they see as an assault to the administration Trump and the repression of their government. ”