Ukraine Airlines: Tehran denies any “whitewash”

The iranian government has denied on Monday having attempted to “choke” the responsibility of the authorities in the drama of the plane ukraine shot down in error on January 8, near Tehran.

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“In these days of sadness, the criticisms have been addressed to the responsible authorities and the authorities of the country. Some officials have even been accusé of lying and of attempting to stifle the case, then that really, honestly, this has not been the case, ” told the press the government spokesman, Ali Rabii.

“The truth is that we have not lied. Lel, this is to disguise the truth, intentionally and knowingly. Binds, it is to silence information. To lie is to know a fact and not say gold distort the reality ” on this fact, added Mr. Rabii.

“What we have said Thursday (…) based (…) on the information that had been presented to the government as a whole, according to which there was no relationship between the accident and a (firing) missile “, said this person.

The iranian armed forces were recognized Saturday for their responsibility in the drama of the flight PS572 Ukraine International Airlines shot down on January 8, before the rising of the day very soon after taking off from Tehran.

Thursday and Friday, the civil aviation Organization of iran and the government have denied the assumption that the aircraft could be shot down by a missile, advanced as soon as Wednesday evening by Ottawa.

Of the 176 people aboard the plane, Iranians and Canadians in the majority, perished in the disaster.

The announcement of The responsibility of the armed forces has created a shock in Iran and a wave of indignation.

As of Saturday evening, a ceremony to pay tribute to the victims at a university in Tehran has turned the demonstration against the authorities, with cries of “dead liars” before being dispersed by police.

Sunday evening, again, rallies of angry-of a magnitude difficult to assess – were held in Tehran, according to videos posted on social networks and that could not be authenticated immediately.