Vanessa Hudgens single : it separates Austin Butler after 8 years of love

Sad news for all the romantics of the planet Earth. Vanessa Hudgens, who formed a couple glamourissime with Austin Butler for over eight years, is now single. “They are officially separated, say a source to the magazine Us Weekly. Vanessa has even talked to his relative.” A few clues left actually think that there was water in the gas. Their last appearance is dated 22 July 2019, when the first hollywood movie Once Upon a Time .. in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino.

A few months ago, the actress 31-year-old spoke yet her relationship in terms that are reassuring. She, who had surprised the crowd with a ring to the ring finger, and was assured that she felt “no pressure to the idea of marrying one day Austin Butler“. “Otherwise, we would not be together after all this time, “said she, withAND Online. Each couple has their own story.” It ends, alas. But to hell with the big tears, the sadness and the nights blues pyjama pilou-pilou. Instead of dwelling on the past, Vanessa Hudgens has decided to put in the bomb, just.

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