Vitaa : Clashée on Twitter, she post a response full of humor

Mom Liham (8 years) and Adam (5 years), Vitaa is not the kind of woman to let it go. Interviewed by Laurent Delahousse in December 2019 on France 2, the wife of Hisham explained how she managed her haters and the flood of wickedness on the social networks. “To Me, to be very honest, I’ve completely stopped looking at the comments on the sites who are precisely the most hard, like Twitter for example, where I find that it is an outpouring of hatred that is not necessarily helpful“. Well, from time to time, it is clear that she looks a little bit anyway.

The French artist, who proved a massive hit currently in a duo with Slimane with their latest album, VersuS, was apparently not able to resist the urge to reply to this how very appreciative of his hater. And to tell you the truth, we do not regret it !

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