Washington place on the blacklist seven leaders venezuelans

The United States has placed on Monday on a list of seven members of the venezuelan government of president Nicolas Maduro, who they blame ” in an unsuccessful attempt to take control of the Parliament “.

In a press release from the State secretariat of the Treasury, Washington accused them of “actions aimed at undermining democracy,” the seven men the following: Luis Parra, José Brito, Franklyn Duarte, Negal Morales, José Gregorio Noriega, Conrado Perez and Adolfo Superlano.

The Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin, who is quoted in the press release, specified that the sanctions against them ” could be removed if they fall to the sides of the venezuelan people and Juan Guaido “, the leader of the opposition recognised as interim president of Venezuela by fifty countries, including the United States.

The latter, prevented from entering the chamber by the police, has been re-elected chairman of Parliament on 5 January by the opposition mps when a vote is organized in a journal, after an elected rival –Luis Parra, who is among the seven persons referred to in Washington– has claimed the position with the support of Nicolas Maduro.

Mr. Guaido is finally reached two days later to take the oath as president of the Parliament by forcing the passage to the perch, a victory ” symbolic “, since Mr. Maduro continued to exercise the power.

The leader of the opposition is claiming his status as president of the Parliament to continue to claim the interim president and lead his “battle” against Nicolas Maduro.

It accused the heir of the deceased Hugo Chavez (1999-2013) of being a “spoof” since the election “fraudulent” to 2018, which has enabled him to remain in power.

He tries out for a year, with the support of the administration to Trump. Without success until now: Mr. Maduro still has the upper hand on the army and enjoys the support of Russia, China and Cuba.