Waze adds the rates of tolls and alerts Paris Breathes

Waze has formalized for the France and its function of displaying the tariff of tolls on iOS. It is a information that the service gave from a few months in the context of a test. These costs are shown once you start your route, or when you compare multiple.

This rate is an estimate, not the motorway companies that provide information Waze, aim stis community of some 30 000 publishers of cards. It compiled and maintains these data. It is to their forums and the Twitter accounts , for example, communities of Waze is that it will take back any errors.

These estimates take account of contextual changes. For example, with a tunnel in which the cost of the crossing will be variable depending on the time of day. Likewise, subscribers to the electronic Toll collection, referenced as such in the app, will receive pricing information appropriate.

Other info, reserved to the owners of the capital, the alerts “Paris Breathes“, which will provide information on the sections and areas which are closed to traffic Sundays and holidays.

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