What you need to know about the procedure in the removal of Donald Trump

Now that the democrats of the House of representatives decided to pass, as soon as Wednesday, the indictment of Donald Trump the Senate, the trial of the impeachment of the american president is imminent.

Here’s what you need to know about the procedure history for the billionaire.

The call

On July 25, 2019, during a telephone interview, Donald Trump asks the new Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate Joe Biden, a potential rival in the presidential election of November 2020, and his its Hunter.

The survey

The democrats, a majority in the lower house of Congress, opened an investigation into impeachment against ex-real estate mogul on the 24th of September, after having had knowledge of the content of the conversation by a whistleblower.

They suspect of having put pressure on the Ukraine in a condition including a military aid of nearly $ 400 million to the announcement of these investigations.

Mr. Trump says that his conversations with Mr. Zelensky were “perfect” and pounds, without putting forward evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden are ” corrupt “, especially because the son of the former vice-president democrat has served on the executive of Burisma, a group of Ukrainian gas for a time suspected of dubious practices.

Public hearings tense

In October and November, the commissions investigating the Chamber to hear a dozen witnesses at hearings closed to the public, then public. The White House refuse to cooperate and the chief of staff to the president, Mick Mulvaney, as well as his former national security adviser, John Bolton are not heard.

But many indirect testimonies of diplomats and administration officials allude to pressure from Mr Trump on Kiev.

The elected republicans are a block behind the billionaire new yorker: there was no “give and take”, since a large portion of the military aid has been provided without Kiev’s announcement of the investigations. Donald Trump has used his prerogatives to the presidential in the fight against corruption in Ukraine, argues they.

Supporters of the president counter-attack, denouncing testimony based on “hearsay” and evoke a theory complotiste according to which Ukraine, but not Russia, interfered in the elections of 2016, to the benefit of democrats.

Two articles of ” impeachment “

The judicial commission of the Chamber has approved the December 10, two counts of impeachment (” impeachment “) against Donald Trump.

The president has committed an “abuse of power” by asking a foreign country to investigate a rival policy and put in danger the integrity of the election of November 2020.

He also made an “obstacle to the smooth running of the Congress” by prohibiting members of the government to testify.

The Chamber approves the December 18, these two counts by a vote in plenary session: Donald Trump becomes the third president in american History impeached in Congress after Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998). In 1974, Richard Nixon resigned before the House vote.

The trial in the Senate

Given the republican majority in the Senate (53 seats out of 100), the billionaire should be acquitted at his trial by impeachment, which is expected to open Tuesday, January 21.

The democrats should convince 20 senators from the other side to vote for one of the two articles. A near impossible task as the partisan lines are strong, in the Senate and in public opinion.