When the phrase “OK boomer” resonates to the us supreme Court

“OK boomer “, in other words, ” because always, baby-boomer “: the expression, which has become viral among young Americans, has made sti way Wednesday up to the very respectable supreme Court of the United States.

The temple of american Law embodied a hearing in a case of employment discrimination due to age, when sti’s president, John Roberts, 64 years, showed that he mastered the codes of the Generation Z (born after 1995), have reported the american media.

If, during recruitment, in order to use said, ” OK Boomer “, ” is-what this could feed a recourse to justice ? “, he started, raising general laughter.

His colleague Stephen Breyer, 81 years of age, has dared another joke: if I was an employ, ” I would not want anyone above 82 years! ”

The phrase “OK boomer” symbolizes the frustration of the younger generations against their elders who seem to despise their anxieties, including climate change.

Appeared a year ago on the social networks popular with young people, it is gone this summer and ended up winning the traditional media and the general public.