Withdrawal of Meghan and Harry : The release of Elizabeth II decrypted

In a press release published Monday, 13 January 2020, the queen Elizabeth II announced that the royal family had found a common ground for a “transition period” allowing you to Meghan and Harry gradually take their distances with the british royal family. Based on experts, the Daily Mail has published the true explanation text on this however short press release of the queen.

The expert from the british royal family, Rebecca English, book here, its felt on the six sentences that make up the release. “Today, my family has had a very constructive discussion on the future of my grandchild and his family“, began the queen. According to the expert, the fact that the queen speaks immediately to the first person referring directly to his family is important. The queen was “very saddened” by the departure of Meghan and Harry and is here as a grandmother rather than as a monarch governess.

In the second sentence, “my family and I fully support the desire of Harry and Meghan to create a new life as a young family“, it is to be noted that the queen speaks to the couple without quoting his royal titles, the duke and duchess of Sussex. This could be an indicator saying that they no longer have the obligations to wear their titles.

Elizabeth II is saddened by the decision of Meghan and Harry

Even though we would have preferred that they remain full-time members of the royal family, we respect and understand their desire to live a life that is as independent as a family, while remaining an important part of my family“, then writes Elizabeth II, in her press release. For Rebecca English, the queen sets out clearly his sentence. It express the idea that Harry feels put in the second plan in the future of the royal family, he is 6th in the order of succession since the birth of prince Louis. For the queen, Harry brought the capital sympathy of the royal family, bringing a certain “joie de vivre“.

Has queen impotent

However, it has been agreed that there would be a transition period where the spouses Sussex will spend time in Canada and the United Kingdom”, continued the press release. In making them move their sound Archie (8 months), their dog and their house staff in Canada, Meghan and Harry have notified the queen of their intention never to return. She can’t order them to go home.

My family has complex issues to resolve and work to do, but I have requested that a final decision in the coming days, “concludes Elizabeth II. According to the expert of the Daily Mail, the queen admits here that she is swimming in uncharted waters, a goal that clearly express sti’s determination to ensure that its consultants work to produce an “elegant solution” to this conflict.

Elizabeth II strives to preserve his honor after the withdrawal of Meghan and Harry, who may be perceived as a humiliation. We understand that she has no other choice than give in to their request. As a reminder, the 8th of January last, Meghan Markle and her husband , prince Harry had announced their intention to relinquish their status as members of the senior royal family, thus becoming “financially independent” and sharing their time between the United Kingdom and Canada, a former british colony.

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