Without taboo, the actress Amy Schumer reveals her daily life as she embarks on an IVF

Last 5 may, the actress and comedian american Amy Schumer, known for her outspokenness, gave birth to her first child, a boy named Gene Attel. Eight months later, the happy mom wants to give a little brother gold a little sister to her son, the fruit of her love with the chief cook Chris Fisher. Only here, everything is not so simple.

The young mother, who had shared his daily life during her pregnancy with a lot of humor, in the face of difficulties to get pregnant. It was recently reported that they have embarked on a journey of in vitro fertilization, a journey that she finds particularly challenging.

I started out in a IVF for a week now and I feel really exhausted and emotional,” writes Amy Schumer in a publication on Instagram. “If someone among you has been there and if you have any tips if gold this do you mind to share your experience with me, please do so. My number is in my bio. We do freeze my eggs and try to find out what to do to give a brother to Gene,” says she, still in the guise of legend. To the left of his message, a photo as the women launched into a medically assisted procreation are all too familiar with : that of a belly blued by the cocks of hormones to boost the ovaries and lead to multiple ovulations. All underlined by the scar of the caesarean section Amy Schumer.

Without detour, without taboo, as usual, the star of 38 years has, therefore, unveiled the other side of its desire to have a child, and the different stages through which it must pass to hope again lead to a pregnancy. His message has touched many people, including women being passed through here, or who just want to support her in this difficult time.

Source : Instagram

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