Your favorite web site as a wallpaper on your Mac thanks to Plash

You’re so addicted to a website that never want to leave eyes ? This is possible thanks to Plash, a new free utility that lets you set a web page as a wallpaper on your Mac.

MacGeneration it as a wallpaper thanks to Plash.

The application works very simply : you click on its icon in the menu bar, one enters the URL of his favorite web site (at random, and lo and behold, it appears at the bottom of the screen. Any files present on the desktop will appear over the website, as well as the windows applications.

By default, you can’t interact with the web page, it is as if it were a simple image. Purpose Plash has a “navigation mode” which makes the interactive wallpaper. You can browse the site as if it were running in a browser, except that it takes the entire desktop and that it remains constantly in the background. Plash also allows you to refresh the page at regular intervals, to check if there is something new.

Google Calendar as wallpaper.

What other site MacGeneration set it as the wallpaper ? For example Google Calendar, gold this page to Unsplash, to have a picture random. The utility even allows you to define a halftone dark mode for the site and add the code to custom CSS.

Plash supports only a single screen at a time for the moment purpose sti developer, Sindre Sorhus, plans to make it compatible with multiple monitors in the future. The utility was created with the new framework SwiftUI and is open source.

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