Anouchka Delon mother : she gave birth to her first child (EXCLUDED)

The year 2020 will be one of family happiness for Anouchka Delon. The actress, who had revealed her first pregnancy in September 2019, displaying a beautiful baby bump during the fashion show Elie Saab during the Paris Fashion Week, became a mother.

According to exclusive information of, Anouchka Delon has given birth in the night from Friday 14 February to Saturday 15 February 2020, Geneva, Switzerland. The actress, 29 years old, gave birth to a little boy. A baby who is the fruit of his long romantic relationship with the actor Julien Dereims. A happy dad who did not hide his joy during the pregnancy of his sweetheart, immortalizing his round belly of a pregnant woman. There is no doubt that the couple is ecstatic, just like Alain Delon, of new grandfather.

I wasn’t ready before. I am now. I am waiting for you. You will be, eternally, the one to whom I belong. The sweetest devotion, hitting me like an explosion. All my life, I was petrified. The sweetest devotion as I have ever known. #royalbaby #thisisit #love @juliendereims“, she wrote on Instagram to confirm her pregnancy.

This is a very good news for Anouchka Delon, view a few weeks ago to the poster of the film Any resemblance and that was still shooting last January for the new project of Muriel Robin, since she had had bread previously have a miscarriage. It was done by the following confidences with the magazine Paris Match. “Before the summer, I got pregnant and we were happy. But I lost the baby in August, three months. Life has so decided, but it is unfair. (…) Even though I like to think that, now, we have a guardian angel… in The year 2018 will leave a scar for the whole life“, she said then.

Congratulations !