Benjamin Samat separate Alix: “This break is the one that made me the most evil”

Their break-up has made a great noise in the world of reality tv and on social networks. Benjamin Samat and Alix are now route each of their side, after a year of relationship… a few days of the launch of the seventh season of Marseille, the young man has agreed to answer questions of The opportunity for him to come back on this separation “very difficult“.

In fact, this is the big scoop of the new season : the romance of Benjamin and Alix came to an end during the filming. An experience complicated by the fact that the beautiful brown of 28 years old is not about to forget : “It was the filming, the most difficult of my entire life. It was very complicated compared to Alix, all the stories that have revolved around“, he explains.

Once returned from their adventure, Benjamin Samat had already taken his decision, as difficult as it is : “When we came back from filming I decided to put an end to our relationship. She asked me to take some time to think. For me it was over the goal out of respect for her, I took a few days of reflection“, he says. Unfortunately, nothing has improved them. “We had a fight during those days and she ended up taking business and ride to Paris. Since then, the only link that binds us is his business who is at home, “says Benjamin before revealing that they no longer have “no means of communicating” because they have blocked each other on social networks. And if fans still hoping for a reconciliation, Benjamin was very clear on the subject : it is out of the question.

Our break up is final and I also think that it was inevitable. The relationship was no longer healthy. In the end, the adventure has highlighted everything that was wrong. (…) This fracture is the one that made me the most evil but I think that there may be something better that is going to happen. Now, I am pining her to come retrieve his business to put a final end to it all. When this is done, it will go much better…“he says, resigned to “spend for the wicked“.