Cindy (Koh Lanta) : Sublime wedding, she said “yes” to Thomas Chenut

Once at the town hall, one of the friends of Cindy filmed the former star of the show celebrity Moms happen to her husband. Exit the traditional tears of joy or other statements inflamed, the first sentence that Cindy speaks to her dear and tender it is : “You’re going to say yes huh ?!“. Of course, Thomas said yes and the two spouses will now enjoy the feast that will celebrate their love.

On the eve of his wedding, on February 14, the day of St. Valentine, Cindy has also announced that it would allow a small pause after her marriage : “My last night single. So happy and filled with joy. Thank you all for your messages. You must excuse me by advance, aim the next 15 days I will be in the off mode. Future Mrs. Chenut”s going to take a vacation“. Congratulations to the happy couple !