Fanny Agostini pregnant : she is expecting her first child !

Fanny Agostini is with the angels ! As we unveiled the magazine Tele 7 days, the young woman of 31 years old is pregnant with her first child ! In a relationship for 2015 with her lover Henri Landes, senior lecturer, franco-american at Science-Po in Paris, the beautiful, and his beloved have decided to switch to the higher speed and to enlarge their family. Saturday, June 9, 2019, the lovers were married in the Puy-de-Dôme, La Bourboule, the hometown of the pretty brunette.

Miss the weather channel BFMTV from 2011 to 2017, Fanny Agostini then continued his career with the show Thalassa from 2017 to 2019, on France 3. Goal, since then, the young woman is involved in a career in radio and integrated Europe 1. Since the beginning of 2020, it joins Ushuaïa TV where she will host a show per month on the theme of environment.

After their marriage, the lovers had immediately announced that they wanted to expand their family. Yet, Fanny Agostini deplored his use of the time complicated : “It is always a dilemma when it is a woman of television : this is never a good time to get pregnant“, lamented in the columns of the Gala. That same day, the lovebirds were said to want the two children : “If we were to have more, we would spend at the adoption“, added the leader.

In April 2019, the couple decided to leave Paris to settle in the Auvergne region, on a farm. “Our main residence is in Auvergne, and the secondary, a little pied-à-terre in Paris. This idea pleases me a lot“, announced the facilitator. And his darling added : “In our firm, there will be a part of teaching where we will host school groups and adults who want to raise awareness about permaculture, be in contact with the animal and nature.”

Congratulations to the future parents !