Learn all about : the shortcut ⌘⇥ to switch app

The keyboard shortcut ⌘⇥ allows you to switch from one application to another on macOS. It, you probably already know, goal did you know that the selector of apps doesn’t only switch from one app to the other ? Here is a small summary of what you can do in this interface of the system !

The selector of apps to macOS.

Switch from one app to the other

Let’s start with the most simple : to change the current app, use the keyboard shortcut ⌘⇥ and then hold down the pressed. macOS will display all the apps currently open, the most recently used to the left to the one that was used the most for a long time all right. The apps are represented only by their icons, except for the one that is selected.

Here, the Finder is placed to the very left is the last app used, Music while to the right is the one that has not been used for a long time. The app System Preferences in the second position is selected, its name appears under sti icon and there is a frame around the icon.

To select an app, while holding down the pressed, you have three different options :