Loana : drugs are very dangerous, found in it

One would have had reason to worry about Loana ? Without a doubt. For weeks, the young woman has left a void sidereal hover on his account Instagram, she who did not hesitate to leave a message to his followers is very common. And the cutting torch to be finished by fall in : the old lofteuse would have been the target of an attack is terrible on the part of his train companion. On February 8, 2020, she called the police in panic after Frédéric Cauvin has raided his home, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris – as unveiled the magazine Closer. The revelations keep falling to the share of the weekly, which tells that the police have found drugs on the premises.

Of the drug hidden in Loana

At the time of the altercation, Loana and Frédéric Cauvin have accusé each other of having consumed drugs. In the drawers of a bureau, the police found 150 grams of flakka – the famous “drug zombie“, which makes amongst other things, stis consumers cannibals – fifty pills of ecstasy and some cocaine residue. Frédéric Cauvin was sent to Bichat hospital because he had ingested half a pack of Xanax… before returning to Loana through a glass door that gives on the room of the ground floor to slap it, and throw it on his bed and pull his phone out of his hands.

Frédéric Cauvin in the viewfinder of the attorney

According to information from Closer, Loana has not yet filed a complaint. The prosecutor of the Republic could do it himself since the police had to intervene two times. The young woman has been “heard for the presence of drugs in his apartment“. Loana and Frédéric Cauvin separated for good, in 2016, after multiple attempts. Rumors of domestic violence and scam already circulating heavily at the time. “I took the time I needed to recharge myself” reassuring-it on Instagram last December. It would seem that a few extra weeks are needed now…