Omar Sy : Evening in cahoots with his wife, Helen, and Harrison Ford

Back in France for a few days on the occasion of promoting his latest film titled” The prince forgot, the actor Omar Sy has since returned to California, where he put his bags there are already a few years with his clan, to escape the pressure and notoriety. On February 13, 2020, he offered a movie night to present… a new film in which he appears !

It is on the photocall of the premiere of The Call of The Wild, that Omar Sy has been seen. The popular actor of 42 years was very chic in a suit of dark blue and white shirt without a tie, taking the pose to the side of his faithful wife Helen, she is so elegant in black. A history of a heart which has given birth to five children. Real dad hen, the hero ofthe Untouchables eve had grain and is already threatening potential suitors of his daughters ! Guest of the program Clicks on the 12th of February, the actor had admitted : “in principle, we will be sucks with him. We are just going to soap it a little flat, it is the rule of the game“.

During this evening, Omar Sy and his wife have also been able to cross the other stars of the film like Harrison Ford, Karen Gillan gold Cara Gee (speaker). We also saw Isabella Blake-Thomas, Lara McDonnell, Jake T. Austin, Parker Bates, Adam Fergus and Hayley Erin…

As a reminder, Omar Sy had already taken small roles in various american productions such as : X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jurassic World gold Inferno.

The Call of The Wild (Call of the forest” for its French title) directed by Chris Sanders, is expected to be in French cinemas from February 19. History : “The peaceful domestic life of Buck, a dog with a big heart, tipping over when it is abruptly snatched from his home in California and finds himself enlisted as a sled dog in the wilds of the Yukon, canada during the gold rush of the 1890s. Buck is going to have to adapt and fight to survive, until finally he found his true place in the world by becoming his own master…