10 gift ideas to give to your half a geek for Valentine’s day

A box of Love connected

The Lovebox, is a box of positive messages to offer the person you love to send him little attentions in everyday life. And it is only used for that, to take care every day of this person who is dear to you : your spouse, your child, your parents, your grandparents, or a friend. For this, the Lovebox is coupled to a mobile app from which you can send your words of love, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day and night. Once installed and connected to the WiFi, the Lovebox will forward all messages sent by the people who are connected in a very special way to its recipient.

Available for 80 euros

The tago arc, a jewel connected

Developed by an american company (Liber8), the TAGO ARC, an embedded E-Ink technology (electronic ink) which is marked by a screen attached to the bracelet. Connected to a smartphone app, it is now possible to apply any design on the bracelet in shades of grey in high definition. What are the preset patterns in the bank of images of
the application, downloaded images or photos taken with the help of his smartphone, the possibilities are endless. Combining aesthetics and advanced technology, the battery will never be a problem thanks to the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The bracelet does not consume the battery during the loading of the image. Once this last set, even if the battery is completely discharged, the visual remains in place.

Available for 249 euros

Tickets for the Dark Valentine Night at the Manoir de Paris

The Dark Night is one of the flagship events at the Manor house of Paris, and allows you to take an additional notch in fear ! For Valentine’s day, the Mansion is plunged into total darkness, and leaveth the Legends of Paris the time of a route guidance thrillers. Armed with a single stick, light group, visitors must find their way to the world of the living – but be careful ! In the darkness, the obstacles are many… and the monsters lurking within you; they even have the right to touch you.
Note that the Dark Nights are forbidden -16 years old. Prohibited for pregnant women or visitors with serious health problems (heart disease, epilepsy, etc.). The duration of the course depends solely on your ability to orient yourself in the dark. The course is immersed in complete darkness : you will not see, therefore, no (or little) the sets, the makeup or the costumes of the actors.

Reserve your place for 29 euros

The Withings Steel RH Champagne Gold & White

Withings has launched a new model of its Steel RH, this is the version Champagne Gold & White with a chain bracelet in milan for a more chic and luxurious than ever. Watch analog elegant and refined that is also a tracker of activities, it has advanced features like the heart rate measurement, monitoring, multi-sport, a connected GPS, a coaching of sleep, a record-breaking battery life, and notifications complete.

Available for 230 euros

The smartpotager Ready to Push Lilo

Once Lilo is installed in your kitchen, you can grow three different plants in the same time. Lilo is available in classic version and version connected. The version connected is equipped with three environmental sensors, Smart Lilo analyzes its environment, detects the plants used and their stage of development, to offer you the best advice and adapt the system grows. For example, the application notifies you when there is more water or Lilo can also increase the power of the LEDS if the light is far from the plants. The just simply requires to be watered two to three times per month. Lilo works with refills and just change the capsules to discover new varieties among the dozen refills available : basil, mint, persil, chives, cilantro… but also cherry tomatoes, chocolate mint or lemon verbena.

Available for 100 euros

A superb cover to protect your suitcase

You have planned a trip far away from your geeky favorites ? Here’s a way to stay in touch with him during all your stay with this bag for suitcase custom !

Available from 35 euros

An internship to brew his own beer in Paris

Brew its own beer, an idea that is very nice to realize at Brew Unique, we know very well (it is next to our editorial, tested and approved) ! 4 h of being mentored by Mike, the master brewer house. And after a few weeks, you will leave with 36 bottles of 50cl ! The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health, consume with moderation.

Available from 160 euros (single(e) or both)

Headphones Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT

A good little headphones wireless like the Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT currently at a reduced price ! This wireless headset to design circum-aurale closed features of transducers 32 mm, supports Bluetooth 4.0 (with NFC pairing), the audio codec aptX, and also has a battery life of 25 hours. Finally, this helmet is equipped with a headband foldable so you can carry it easily.

Available for 95 euros

A Usb Hub Controller Video Games

A hub USB 2.0 Windows and Mac compatible in the form of a lever retro. It features 4 USB ports that can power your devices, all at the same time.

Available for 14 euros

Cufflinks Star Wars

To combine elegance and “geekitude”, why not the cufflinks Star Wars ? Several models are available from the Millennium Falcon to Darth vader, there is a choice, and even other available licenses equally geeky…

Available for about 15 euros

BONUS : The JDGBox on the universe of Dragon Ball !

With the release of the movie “Dragon Ball Super : Broly” in the month of march, JDGBox has recently unveiled a box on the universe of the animated. Find in this box of numerous products under official license and a few surprises !

Available for 50 euros