Aladdin : Will Smith all blue engineering will he reassure the fans ?

Feature among the most anticipated of the year 2019, Aladdin version live is revealed in a new trailer. The attention focuses more specifically on one of the characters : the genius. Character loved of the galaxy Disney, this hero was doubled with brilliance and magic by Robin Williams, who passed away on August 11, 2014. Will Smith has the task particularly tricky to give a new life to this great man the blue in the feature film shooting real-world directed by Guy Ritchie (Snatch, Sherlock Holmes...)

In this TV spot which has just been unveiled, Will “the genius” Smith is all blue and starts to the young man : “You really don’t know who I am ? The Genius, wishes, lamp,… All that, that you said nothing ?” Necessarily, the appearance of the Prince of Bel-Air in this suit has caused a host of reactions on Twitter. If he doesn’t everyone agree for the time being, Will Smith, who has shaved the head for the purposes of the film, is already happy to reassure his followers on the fact that yes, he will indeed be blue for the film, faithful to the cartoon from 1992.

Cartoon worship of our childhood, Aladdin is part of the lineage of the Evil, The Beautiful and the Beast, the Jungle Book and other Cinderella. Aladdin is played by the Canadian born in Egypt, Mena Massoud, the villain Jafar by the sexy Marwan Kenzari, actor Dutch of tunisian origin, and the English Naomi Scott, whose mother is indian, will slip into the costume of Jasmine. It should be noted the approach of the Disney studio to avoid white-washing, to take white actors to play the heroes of a work inspired by the eastern tales of the Thousand and one nights.

Aladdin, in cinemas on 22 may 2019