Augmented reality moves in small steps in Google Maps

Google is salivating for a while the travellers with its demonstrations of augmented reality in Google Maps, but this new feature is still not available. To show that his project has been progressing well, the company has allowed the Wall Street Journal to test this famous addition.

When the new mode is enabled, the classic card shrinks but does not disappear completely, to leave the camera back surgery. In the real environment will then be displayed of the virtual elements used to guide the pedestrian.

Arrows will appear in the corner of the street when it is necessary to turn and a big red marker is affixed to the place of destination not to miss.

Although this may be tempting, it is not a matter of walking continually with his smartphone in front of his nose. Because even if the augmented reality lets you see the real environment, we lose attention to all the things around. Google has abandoned the idea to draw a virtual line on the ground for this reason.

The mode of augmented reality is for the moment available only for contributors (Local Guides) with the most assiduous of Google Maps. Google still does not give the date of launch to the public. Apple is working also on the integration of augmented reality in Plans.