Brigitte Nielsen, mom to 54 years : “Some think it’s a ridiculous, awful…”

In a new interview with the Guardian on 11 February 2019, Brigitte Nielsen is back on the battle that was the conception of her little girl born last June. After long years, to hope and to try it with her husband Mattia Dessi, the actress Danish finally became a mother for the fifth time, at 54 years of age.

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The ex-wife of Sylvester Stallone says that she has multiplied the trials of fertilization in vitro for over ten years, despite the low 2.5% chance of success estimated his doctors : “I kept saying to myself : ‘I want to do it until there are no more embryos.’ Someone must win the lottery.” After keeping her pregnancy a secret for 27 weeks, the former model gave birth to her little Frida on 22 June 2018. A happy event which did not fail to react… sometimes negatively.

Some find it ridiculous, others awful, and some love it. I don’t think it looks that that this is (…). When people say to me, you had 54 years old, yes, and well, what-is-it men who are 60, 70, 80 years ? I met Jeff Goldblum recently – it just has to be the father of a second son-to 64-year-old – and I told him : ‘Jeff ! How’s it going old dad ?’” For what is of his little girl and his possible questions, Brigitte Nielsen already has an answer in mind : “She said : ‘Mom, you’re an old witch.’ And I would reply : ‘Frida, I am the best mom that you can be.’