Faustine Bollaert shaken by a shooting : “I no longer had to filter”

Every day on France 2, in the early afternoon, Faustine Bollaert listening to the testimonies of viewers in his show That begins today. The presenter collects confidences, sometimes light, other times heavy as when intimate subjects or drama are discussed. Interviewed by the magazine Tele 7 Days, the girlfriend of Maxime Chatham does not hide the fact that some shoots are tough.

Families torn apart, loved ones lost, forbidden love… some of the themes That begins today are particularly hard, and Faustine Bollaert, like all the other spectators, is not insensitive to what it means. “In total empathy with the people”, the pretty brunette does not hide sometimes be hit full-on by some of the stories. She says : “I don’t want to protect me. (…) The audience feels this sincerity. I remember a show in November, I was quite shaken, because it echoed things family is very heavy. I no longer had a filter. It took me to go see someone to talk about it. This allowed me to put a form of distance between my work and me.” And to clarify : “Before and after every shoot, I need to reinvest my family life, of living things strong with my children.

This is not the first time that the former star of M6 evokes the shoots complicated of its program. “The stories of my witnesses were haunting me, I thought about the evening, I was communicating with them on social networks. Then I said to myself that it had to happen to put a limit, to return my life to me, I’m the lucky one, is very happy. Otherwise it don’t work it out, “she said in The Tract on Canal+ in November 2017.