Lara Fabian : Her daughter Lou, "a child with a great and strong character"

After Camouflage and a world tour, Lara Fabian is back with the disk Butterfly. The singer of 49 years is pound-for – Tv Recreation.

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Exiled to Quebec, where she joined the local version of The Voice, Lara Fabian seems to be particularly happy. A happiness that she shares daily with her husband Gabriel , as well as with her daughter, Lou, now aged 12 years. “I have the chance to live a life that is much more gentle, in a healthy environment with my husband, Gabriel Di Giorgio, and daughter, Lou, 12 years old“, she admits. The two form a true rock for the star, which has recently confided that his mother was ill and in a critical state and that it is preparing slowly to bid him farewell.

If she willingly accepts to talk about it, Lara Fabian, however, remains more discreet about his daughter, born out of his past relationship with the film director Gérard Pullicino. Thus, one never sees it in the media or on social networks. However, the interpreter of Immortal, Everything and I love you told a little about her life of mommy and her daughter… “I’m very present, really listening. I talk a lot with it. It is a child very funny with a great and strong character. This is my most beautiful gift on earth“, she entrusted.