Marlene (Married at first sight) humiliated by an ex: “He feared my forms”

Marlene has agreed to participate in the season 3 of Married at first glance to find the man who suits him. And, good news, after having participated in the tests, a psychologist called to tell him that she was going to marry. Kevin, a skilled worker of 26 years, was in fact compatible with it at 82%. She hoped so much from his encounter with the young man.

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The childminder of 30 years, who was single for about three years, has experienced romantic relationships to be disappointing in the past. And one of them was particularly affected as it was given in the beginning of the episode.”In my past relationships, it was quite difficult because of the fact that I have forms. The last one, I really suffered. Also, this is the time where I suffered the most, I think. My mother introduced me to someone with whom it went very well, with whom I had a lot of atoms in common. And this person told me that she was afraid of my forms. I was a bit destroyed and I’ve been struggling to rebuild myself after. I felt humiliated. It was difficult after me to recover, “said Marlene.

This has fortunately not hindered in his search for the great love. It has, therefore, become involved 100% in this experiment, though she knows nothing of the man she has married.