Married at first sight 3, Kevin : The reason for the absence of his parents

On Monday 11 February 2019, M6 broadcast the first episode of Married at first glance 3. The opportunity to make the acquaintance of Kevin (26 years old), a specialist worker. Single for about a year, the young man hopes to find the shoe that fits through the program.

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Kevin search including a woman who loves children and wishes to have. This need to give a lot of love in particular, just the fact that he has had a childhood as chaotic. “I have not known my father who left when I was born. My mother has, they say, abandoned when we were young. With my sister, it was placed at the age of 6 years old in a household. It has been very complicated. This is compared to my childhood that I need love“, he says in his portrait.

The experts have therefore felt it appropriate to have her meet Marlene, a childminder of 30 years with which it is compatible to 82%. Very generous, she could bring him all the love he needs. And, precision non-negligible, it also wants to start a family. For his part, Kevin could help the beautiful to have confidence in it.

The beautiful brunette complex a lot on his physique, mainly because of the one of its example “In my past relationships, it was quite difficult because of the fact that I have forms. The last one, I really suffered. Also, this is the time where I suffered the most, I think. My mother introduced me to someone with whom it went very well, with whom I had a lot of atoms in common. And this person told me that she was afraid of my forms. I was a bit destroyed and I’ve been struggling to rebuild myself after. I felt humiliated. It was difficult after myself, “says Marlene in her portrait.