Maya Lauqué mom : “It was a heartbreak to leave Jeanne”

Maya Lauqué is a perfect woman. From September 2016, she co-presents The Daily (France 5) at the side of Thomas Island. And, private side, she is the proud mother of Lucien (3 and a half years) and Jeanne (6 months), the fruit of her amours with a certain Cyril. A maternity ward which she had referred on the occasion of an interview for our colleagues from Télé Loisirs.

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The lovely blonde 40-year-old has assured that his two children are already very accomplices : “We can do all the tricks in the world with our daughter, trying to make her laugh, this does absolutely not. But if his brother comes into the room, her face lights up. She is crazy about his brother and vice versa. For his part, our son, feed him, talk to him… He is very sweet, caring and protective with her. It is very interesting to observe. The role of mom broke me ! I discovered it and it has been a revelation.

It has therefore been difficult to go back to work after her maternity leave. All the more that Maya Lauqué is back “earlier than expected” after the birth of her daughter : “My daughter was a month and a half. It was a heartbreak to leave, but I was delighted to find the entire team.

For the time being, the presenter has not taken his children on the board because “the opportunity has not presented“. But, to believe his confidences, she could take her little Lucien as soon as possible : “My son asks a lot of questions, he wants to come. At the beginning, he couldn’t how he could see me on tv while I was sitting next to him on the sofa and started to cry. Now, as soon as he sees a blonde at the tv, he thinks it is me.