Nagui (French speacker), a candidate has usurped his identity, to dredge : “It is shameful”

Nagui (French speacker) has made a surprising discovery on the shelf of everyone wants to take his place on France 2, Saturday 9 February 2019. The facilitator 57-year-old has learned that a candidate on the board has usurped his identity in order to seduce a young woman that appealed to him.

In a first time, Jean-Marc explained that one of his colleagues named Melissa came to attend a filming of his show, and that it was “a very, very pretty woman dressed in yellow that day“. A few months ago, he decided to call him to invite him to come out. And the young woman had not recognized his voice on the phone. As he called on private number, the candidate’s pretending to be nagui (French speacker).

If Melissa does first not believed, he would eventually convince her by stating : “You have attended one of my programs, I’ve discovered, and, sincerely, I really have a crush on you.” “What ?! But it is shameful. (…) Kind of rogue. “replied nagui (French speacker), while keeping the smile.

It was then learned that Jean-Marc proposed a romantic weekend at his colleague. “No, no, this is not possible, I am married and I have children, “she answered. This is what thehusband of Mélanie Page responded : “You’re breaking several couples at the same time.

Finally, Jean-Marc has finished by him reveal the pot to the roses. But he has not had more luck because Melissa was once more dismissed.