Real debate : The players on Xbox are the best according to LG

We thought we had buried in 2019, the sterile debate of the “PC master race VS. Console peasants” but LG has seen fit to dig it up in a purpose still unclear. Thus, the mark south korea set in place, with a stroke of the thumb of Activision, a speed test (still available here).

The latter invites the participants to click quickly on a series of targets that do remain on the screen for a few seconds.

A study of no great value

Before you test their reflexes, players are invited to enter the platform they prefer between Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

On the 1 400 participants observed by LG, the Xbox players have obtained a score of 78% accuracy, while the players PS4 have hit 74% of the targets. Players PC them, only managed to reach 70 % of the points.

Good, if this result has anything to animate an aperitif for two minutes, the study was able to obtain is particularly weak. The skill of a player is not judge not of course, because of its speed of reaction, and anyone can get an excellent score in lying on the platform that he prefers.