Royal relics stolen in Sweden : the loot ends up in the trash !

Jewel of the Swedish crown, which end up… in the trash : it is indeed in a dumpster that has led the police investigation conducted after the spectacular case made a few months ago in the cathedral of the small town of Strängnäs, west of Stockholm.

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July 31, 2018, two individuals had managed to very quietly steal in full daylight, filmed by security cameras, two gold crowns set with jewels that belonged to the king (1604-1611) Karl IX (Charles IX of Sweden and his wife queen (1632-1654) Christina as well as an orb, relics of inestimable value, both from a financial point of view as cultural – that were kept in glass cubes secured within the religious building. They had then managed to escape to bike, and then aboard a motor boat, by the lake Mälaren. A little bit overtaken by events, the local police had launched an appeal for witnesses.

Six months later, the investigation has progressed significantly since the hoard was found in a garbage container in the Stockholm region, according to a press release of the authorities. This should give pleasure to the young princess Estelle of Sweden, daughter of crown princess Victoria, who is passionate about these last times for the historical symbols of the monarchy. Any door to believe that the criminals have finally abandoned the fruits of their larceny, “extremely difficult” to sell, as pointed out by the national coordinator, Swedish crimes against the cultural heritage, Maria Ellior.

The investigations of the police targeting a criminal group that has hit the capital and its region. One of its members, a young man of 22 years, was also appearing earlier this month before the court of Eskilstuna (not far from Strängnäs), but the recent discovery of the royal relics has caused the postponement of the hearing, the police are still seeking his accomplice. He declares himself innocent even as the evidence of the link technically to the flight in question, who recalls a similar case occurred six years ago in Västeras : this time, what are the crown and scepter to the holding of the funeral of king Johan III, who had been stolen and later found in a garbage bag at the side of a highway.