Nicolas Aznavour and his wife : The struggle of Charles to be in good hands

The legacy of Charles Aznavour, who died October 1, 2018, is not only made up of his songs, his books or his films. His fight for Armenia occupied a large part of his time, in particular thanks to the Foundation, Aznavour created in 2016 with his youngest son, Nicholas. Born in 1977, Nicolas Aznavour continues this action for the development and implementation of educational programs, social and cultural rights in Armenia, with the valuable assistance of his wife Kristina Sarkisyan, CEO of the foundation.

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Wednesday, march 27, 2019, in the Senate in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, Nicolas Aznavour was awarded the gold medal of the League of the universal of the public good for his philanthropic engagement. The son of the singer, of course, was accompanied by his wife. In the presence of the vice-president of the League, mr. Ming Boupha, Nicolas Aznavour has received her diploma from the hands of the singer Gregory Bakian. The latter knows well the family Aznavour as Misha, big brother of Nicolas, his publisher and patron of music. Gregory had had the pleasure to meet the great Charles, who offered him a very beautiful song, entitled Adolescence.

There are the activities of the foundation through Armenia, but also the House of Charles Aznavour in Yerevan, the capital of the country. This cultural center pays tribute to the career of the artist. It is also a place of meeting and exchange which promotes the French language in Armenia. In October 2018, a few days after the national tribute rendered to Charles Aznavour in the courtyard of the Invalides, the president and Emmanuel Macron , and the first lady Brigitte Macron have taken advantage of their official visit to Armenia to visit, in the company of Nicolas Aznavour, this institution of Yerevan is in full expansion. On Twitter, the president had a few words to celebrate the memory of the interpreter of’Take me to : “Charles Aznavour should be with us in Yerevan today. This was to be a rendezvous with his beloved Armenia, but also with the French language. He had a passion for it, he worked on the words throughout his life. He eventually became one of the greatest ambassadors of the French language in the world. Charles Aznavour will continue to be the hyphen between France and Armenia thanks to this place and transmission of culture.” Nicolas Aznavour and his wife Kristina Sarkisyan working to make this hyphen.