A kit of Lego to learn braille,

The kit Lego Braille Bricks will be available in the course of the next year ; it will contain 250 elements that will cover the whole of the alphabet, and the digits 0 to 9 and mathematical symbols. The package will be distributed free of charge to institutions present in the countries where it has been tested.

Of special bricks

The version Danish, Norwegian, English, and Portuguese is currently under test. The French, German and Spanish will be tested in the third quarter of this year. The principle will be the same everywhere : the bricks of the kit braille have a number of posts that correspond to the different characters, letters and numbers of the alphabet.

Each brick — that can be integrated in the broader universe of Lego — this is also a letter or character is printed, so that parents and teachers can use this learning tool with the student. The goal is obviously to help the blind and visually impaired children to learn braille.

One may ask the question of the interest of the braille in a world where there are thousands of audio books and other applications with system accessibility with audio. Philippe Chazal, treasurer of the european Union of the blind people, regrets the decline of the learning of braille.

Users of braille are often more independent, have higher levels of education and access to better job opportunities “, he says. This kit Lego will definitely be a training tool that is effective and will want to engage in the learning of braille.