A scam SMS empty the bank accounts

The case, reported by RTL, is cold in the back. At the end of January, She receives an SMS from his bank — at least she believes — who asks him to update his application. From there, it runs and launches the app bank… without suspecting that it has to allow multiple operations.

Caution in the reception of a SMS

In fact, two days later, the bad surprise happens : a sum of € 5,000 is out of his Booklet to the current account of the victim, and then the same day the current account is debited from 6.000 € to a payee by the name of ” update “. Of course, without the consent of Eléonore.

The reason for the transfer to the beneficiary-scammer is ” purchase imm “, to ” buying real estate “… while the victim has nothing to project on this side. In short, Eleonore has been “relieved” of 6.000 € after obeys a SMS. What push everyone to exercise great caution in the reception of text messages.

The victim has filed a complaint and asked for his bank the return of the funds. But as the recalls PhoneAndroid, the banks do not have to reimburse their clients in case of negligence on their part. It may be that the media coverage of this story will push the bank of Eleonore to make a move…