Anaïs Camizuli pregnant : nights already hard, she tells

After having formalized the new, Anaïs Camizuli had confided in about his first few months of pregnancy quite difficult. “I had all the symptoms, the vomiting, the nausea. There has been fatigue also, I was sleeping 20h/24h. It was hard for me to hide it, to say that I was going well then I was exhausted“, she had particularly told. After what she had revealed to wait for a little girl.

At the end of march, the Marseillaise 31-year-old pushed a rant against the people who said he was talking too much about her pregnancy : “Take upon you the biatch, there are yet four months. I have a healthy life, I’m married, I’m going to be a mum if that is what god wants (…). So yes, for you, there is nothing folichon but, it is my life to me. (…) In regards to my pregnancy, it’s the most wonderful time of my whole life, so if I want to talk about H24, I’ll do it. If you are not happy, then register on dating sites and do you find guys that you occupy. Otherwise, do not follow me and go watch the daily life of some people naked, drunk, and drugged, deceived and so on. (…) But give me the bunch.