Anouchka Delon is a development… in a bathing suit

The beautiful young woman may have been once again asked to speak to her father or play the intermediate. But no mistake, she has a beautiful relationship with his iconic dad. To him, she said in Paris Match in January last : “I see it very often, I’m very close to him. It is important for me, because it is my father, and that he was 83 years old. My father is as it is, with lots of flaws and lots of qualities.” A strong personality, as we know, but if the actor has relations were sometimes difficult, with her sons, with her daughter, things seem much more peaceful. However, in a Point of view, his little brother Alain-Fabien confessed : “To her eyes, I have the impression that the next generation is more embodied by my sister.”

Anouchka can also rely on her pillar, her rock; her lover, an actor as she, Julien Dereims. With him, she continues her path in all serenity, in spite of the tests. She was said to have lost the baby she was expecting after three months of pregnancy. “I never thought I would suffer so much“, conceded Anouchka, who was drawing his courage in “the incredible force” by Julien (Paris Match). Side professional, the artist is very taken by his project of ” adaptation of the movie Breakfast Club by John Hughes for the boards and runs the company from his father, Adid Alain Delon International Distribution.