Ariane Brodier mom for the 2nd time: the first revelations on his birth

Ariane Brodier is became a mother for the second time, on April 25, 2019. “Yesterday at 19h22, our princess came into our lives. So it is in the family that I celebrate today my 40 years. With my three treasures. Thank you for your posts… I love having 40 years… It is just the most beautiful birthday of my life“, wrote the beautiful comedian in the caption of a photo on which we see its mate Fulgence Ouedraogo, his son of 1 year (which we do not know the first name), her and her daughter.

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Without surprise, Ariane Brodier has received many messages of congratulations, but also on the occasion of her birthday, which she celebrated on April 26, 2019. This Saturday, April 27th, so she took the time to make a video to thank his fans. “It went extremely well, excellent delivery. And it was super touched that miss decided to come a day before my birthday to celebrate it with us. (…) I’m gonna go to rest. Yesterday evening it was my birthday so my daughter has decided to do an all-nighter with his mom. First night requires“, she entrusted.

Ariane Brodier then unveiled a design that he had his son for his birthday. The little boy has also made one for his little sister.