Ariel (10 Couples), a rupture, “brutal” : “She was searched in my phone…”

The candidate of 10 Couples perfect 3 (TFX) has responded to questions from Purepeople. After explaining why he was reluctant to participate in the program at the start or revealed to them the favour granted to him by the production, Ariel has answered the questions of our interview Power of love.

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I had to have 4 years. It was at the nursery school and at all break-times, I took my little girl by the hand, I took in the class that was empty and we bécotait“, he confided when we asked him about his first love. The singer of 27-year-old then spoke of his biggest heartache : “it was a year and a half. My last girl date because I had a rupture hyper brutal. I get up in the morning, she goes to work and she said to me : ‘tonight my love. ‘And I never did review. She searched in my phone and she saw things not terrible.

Another time, it is Ariel who was almost running away. On the other hand, this time, he didn’t really know the girl in question. The applicant has discussed with a young woman who “took pictures” that were to his advantage. “She was taking photos of very close, “he said. It is, therefore, stated that the main interested was hiding something. Anxious and puzzled, he was even given an appointment. “I am posted far away to see it. And the horror ! (…) I asked myself if I was there or not, but never the life I would like to ask rabbit to a girl because she does not please me. So I took the glass in question, I did the job, after I put storm“, he concluded.

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