Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with his ex-mistress to their son, Joseph Baena

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a dad present for his children. All of his children… The legendary actor of Terminator has warmly congratulated his son Joseph Baena, born of his relationship adultèrine with Mildred Patricia Baena, his former housekeeper and former mistress..

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On 27 April, the actor, 71-year-old was seen in full costume, to the first row of the graduation ceremony for the Pepperdine University, and it has not failed to applaud with gusto his son Joseph. On his account Instagram followed by 17 million subscribers; Arnold Schwarzenegger has posted a picture of the two of them and wrote : “Congratulations Joseph ! Four years of study, hard to study the trade at Pepperdine and today is your big day ! You have deserved this celebration and I’m proud of you. I love you !

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who likes to spend time with his illegitimate son , particularly in sport, was able to pass his ex-mistress Mildred. The latter, as a proud mother, has also taken a pose with Joseph for photos and memories. However, the former lovers – this relationship resulted in the divorce of the actor from his wife Maria Shriver – have not put together… The actor was, seems it, come alone, wanting to take advantage of this time father-to-son without his new companion, the young Heather Milligan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has resumed his acting career after taking a break in politics as governor of the State of California, is also the father of Katherine (27 years old), Christina (age 25), handsome Patrick (23 years old) and Christopher (21 years old). Of the children born of his long marriage of twenty-five years with Maria Shriver.

It should be noted that the actor is expected in the next few months in the film Terminator : Dark Fate, directed by Tim Miller. It is the sixth film in the franchise Terminator.

Thomas Montet