Avengers Endgame : Alan Silvestri published the soundtrack on Spotify

Since Captain America : the First Avenger, the collaboration between Marvel and Alan Silvestri is successful. The composer of the main theme ofthe Avengers, has not ceased to work for the studios and it is quite natural that the house of ideas has appealed to him for Endgame. The loop is closed. On their Spotify account, the composer reveals the entirety of the musical themes that punctuate the narrative.

Already legendary

The reprise of the main theme to a new universe of sound, the composer takes us back to the heart of the plot. Our favourite remains without doubt the music soberly titled Portals, which is a reference to a scene already become legendary. The music for more than 3 minutes will delight the hearts of the fans, as it draws from a good number of issues with sound, of the universe. It sounds like a sweet return to the origins of the saga. Shivering also listening to the theme final. The music comes from the conclusion of the masterful way, the saga long of 22 films. This is the end, and Alan Silvestri closes the curtain to great fanfare. The honorable mentions are no doubt the theme of The Real Hero that takes us out of a few tears and Watch Each Other’s Six that motivates the troops.

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The soundtracks available on the Apple Music

From the first minutes, the film opens on Dear Mr.Fantasy of the Traffic group. If the official album is not yet available, Disney Music are making available the essential soundtracks on Apple’s Music. Of Let’s go (Pony), Supersonic Rocket Ship, passing by Come and Get Your Love by Redbone, the playlist will delight fans of the universe. The nostalgia is guaranteed to be listening to It’s Been a Long, Long Time Kitty Kallen and Harry James Orchestra.

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For lovers of vinyl, Marvel is launching a partnership with Mondo and will have the entire soundtracks of the MCU. Avengers : Endgame will join certainly the collection that opens with Ant-Man and the Wasp.

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