Aya Nakamura victim of sexism : “Some people ask me with whom I slept”

Oh, Djadja, there was no way Djadja.” These words have become famous a few months ago. The performer Aya Nakamura has since become a true phenomenon and made the crowd dancing on tubes Djadja, Girlfriends or Pookie. Interviewed by Le Parisien, the singer of 23 years is back on its huge success.

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Since march 26, 2019, she toured to sold-out. Sunday, April 21, in the Spring of Bourges that it occurred on stage in front of an audience hysterical as specified our colleagues. A shock to Aya Nakamura who was not expecting such a reception : “It was my first festival and I warned about, I’m not going to lie. But as soon as the first song, I had the impression that the public kiffait more than me (laughs). I’ve just started the tour, and the fans are very receptive.” His audience is composed of 70% of girls. A feeling of pride for the young artist who finds that”a girl who speaks to the women, it has failed the public“.

Aya Nakamura then explained that she is not a rapper, contrary to what some people think, under the pretext that it is “a renoi who coming neighborhoods“. “It is a cliché among people who don’t listen to me, admits the one who has been a victim of sexism in the music community, Some people ask me with whom I slept to get there. Music is my profession, it is my whole life, I write every day. I work a lot in the past five years. Like other male artists. But it is more difficult, because I am a black woman. For certain, if I had been more clear skin, I would have been able to have success more quickly. (…) There is mention of this detail, it is mind-blowing. This was more hard.

I don’t want to convey a false image

Without a language of wood, Aya Nakamura admits to also having enough that some “stick to the image of a girl who comes from Mali” while she lives in France. “It was proposed to me in photo shoots to make the ‘Queen african’. This is what, this dump ? (…) I don’t want to convey a false image, I grew up in the street. This will may be with the time“, she laments.

Another consequence of the success : his lack of privacy. Since it is well-known, difficult for her to conduct her life as before : “Yesterday, I went to do a manicure in a salon to Noisy, where I’m going for a year quietly. A client asks me for a photo for his daughter. Me, I was in slippers, flip flops, no makeup, I had buttons, I was not there to do the beautiful, I refuse, and there, I become the topic of conversation throughout the show. All of a sudden, everyone asks you questions about rumours cans, advise you on your music as if they were artistic directors of a record company. (…) I won’t be able to go there, it’s a shame, because I loved him.