Bella Hadid : Divine and generous for the birthday of her sister Gigi Hadid

24 years is something to celebrate ! Gigi Hadid celebrated hers this week, in the presence of his family. The little sister of the top model, Bella Hadid, was personally invested to make this birthday party a success.

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Gigi (real name Jelena) Hadid has been 24 years old Tuesday, April 23 and celebrated on the same day. Prior to his memorable night, the pretty blonde has received at his home in New York, the visit of several drivers, as well as his little sister. Bella Hadid was accompanied by a friend. The two women had their arms full of flowers and balloons, first birthday gifts of a Gigi’s particularly spoiled.

Bella has also sent his best wishes to his big sister Instagram. She wrote, in the caption of a slide show of several photos of both of them : “Happy birthday to my best friend, by blood and by choice. Your empathy, your love, your loyalty and your work ethic are some of the qualities for which you are loved by so many people… Your creativity and your energy that you always grow going forward and beyond to surprise me and got me excited all day!!!!! I’ll be at your side for all your efforts in the future ! I’m your fan n°1 and I look forward to an eternity of anniversaries with you !!! I love you, my little ball of sunshine.

Like Bella, their parents Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid, as well as their half-sister Alana (born of the first marriage of Mohamed Hadid with Mary Butler) have posted lovely messages for Gigi Hadid.