Bowers & Wilkins : five wireless speakers for the new range Training

The pregnant Training unveiled by Bowers & Wilkins have several points in common, starting with the support of several technologies of wireless transmission : AirPlay 2 (Apple), Spotify Connect, Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi. An Ethernet port completes the package with a USB port that is only used for maintenance.

Pregnant-in-training !

Some models have audio inputs, but not all, and none offers the support of intelligent assistants. The devices in the family Formation have a vocation to the ecosystem, but nothing prevents to use them with other speakers connected to the extent that they are compatible with AirPlay 2 or Spotify Connect.

The model Wedge with design on 120 degrees is the spearhead of the range. Sold for 999 €, the speaker offers two tweeter (40 watts), two medium (40 watts) and a low of 80 watts. No audio input for the device, which comes in black or white.

The two speakers Duo, sold 3.999 € for the pair, offering a power of 2 x 125 watts per speaker. No audio input for these speakers, which incorporate the same technology tweeter débafflé dome carbon and medium-to-membrane Continuum that products wired B&W.

Bass, the subwoofer of the family Training, combines with other products in the range. It offers a power of 250 watts, for 1.099 €.

The bar the Bar consists of what to fill effectively an evening of tv with its power of 6 x 40 watts. In addition to building wireless of the range Training, the product offers a digital audio input Toslink. Count 1.249 €.

Finally, the Audio box connects the speakers a little older in the network. This hub audio integrates all of the connections required, in addition to the wireless : Toslink, analog (2 x RCA) and digital (1 x RCA). The device is sold at 699 €.

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